Niallo Carroll is  a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of experience in industry at senior management and board level.  He holds a degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA from Trinity College Dublin, a Diploma in Engineering Computation (D.I.T.)  and is a Fellow of the Advanced Study Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He has qualifications in Occupational Safety, Health and Welfare from UCD and in Road Traffic Accident Investigation from North Western University Center for Public Safety, Illinois.  He has worked internationally in Japan, US, Russia and India as well as Ireland, directing manufacturing operations, managing product development programmes, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance and implementing Lean Systems in a wide variety of environments. Qualifications.

Niallo Carroll’s engineering consultancy practice is focused on three areas:  Forensic, Safety and Lean Engineering.engineering

Forensic Engineering

Leveraging his extensive experience in Industrial and Engineering management, Operational Excellence, Safety Engineering and Product Design together with excellent academic and professional qualifications, Niallo Carroll offers Forensic Engineering Services in employer, public and product liability and road traffic accidents.

Safety Engineering

Niallo Carroll can carry out Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessments of your workplace and work practices and can advise in the preparation of Safety Statements and other safety compliance requirements.

Lean Engineering

Niallo Carroll can help transform your processes or enterprise and realise significant productivity gains through the application of Lean & Safety Engineering principles.  Whether you are part of a small organisation starting out on the path to Lean or a larger enterprise struggling to restart lean initiatives and build upon past successes, Niallo Carroll can help you engineer a more effective, efficient and safer system.