Forensic Engineering


Traffic collision reconstruction using Computer Aided Design technology.

When products fail, services underperform or systems break down and loss or injury occur, there is often a dispute regarding liability, the extent of the loss and the facts of the case.  In these situations, the services of a forensic engineer can be vital to  establishing the facts impartially and in reaching a resolution.

Niallo Carroll offers Forensic Engineering Services in the following areas;

  • Accidents at works
  • Public liability accidents
  • Product liability accidents
  • Road traffic accidents


Niallo Carroll will:

  • Thoroughly review all evidence and testimony and carry out independent investigations as required.
  • Analyse gathered facts and evidence in an impartial manner using modern Forensic and Safety Engineering  methodologies.
  • Establish compliance with or breach of standards, codes of practice, regulations and other relevant protocols.
  • Submit findings in clear, concise technical reports with evidence, fact and opinion presented in an accurate, precise and impartial manner.
  • Give expert witness testimony in court as required.